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How to make your workplace a pleasant place to be.

Business owners know the pains of working under pressure, squeezed by competing demands and priorities, they know that the slightest annoyance under pressure can bring a worthwhile goal undone. They also know the slightest comfort, even when unnoticed, can be the difference between an emotion, an experience, an outcome and a sale. This is why your air conditioning matters. This is why climate control is a worthy goal.

Step 1: Recognise the challenge of commercial air conditioning

There are significant challenges that need to be catered for in most commercial environments. Unlike home air conditioning solutions, the business environ can be an extremely difficult place to effectively cool, heat, aerate or moderate.

The specific needs for circulation and refreshment, consistency in temperature control, as well as other factors can also vary widely.  Specific control demands can be influenced by required machinery operating temperatures, humidity levels or ventilation needs. Workplace health and safety standards can also be relevant. The challenges can be many.

Step 2: Recognise a potential investment.

What air quality factors impact your business? Temperature, humidity, breezeways and oxygenation levels are some of the factors that affect both worker and client. Recognising the impact of these factors will help you decide whether effective air conditioning is just an expense, or a profit-inducing investment.

For example: Do you lose customers because part of your shop is too uncomfortable to be in? Do they stay too long because you have the environment just a little too comfortable? Does this sound strange? These questions demonstrate the challenge of getting the environment just right.

Do your staff dread coming in because it is too cool, too hot, too dry, too energy sapping or concentration defeating? Do they visit other workplaces and feel like they’ve just walked into an oasis of comfort and air-conditioned bliss? Do they want to be elsewhere? Will they take the skills you have invested in, leaving you with the challenge of recruitment, training and other productivity taxing tasks?

Air conditioning is rarely merely an expense. Sure there are people and places where it is an optional luxury, and others where its presence or absence will ruffle few feathers. For most however, and especially in the climatic variability of Sydney, air conditioning is an investment of wise measure!

Step 3: Invest in a commercial air conditioning expert.

If you recognise the challenge, identify the investment potential and seek an effective and affordable solution, we are just a phone call or contact form away.

Commercial Air Conditioning Sydney is a Sydney based and Australian owned company, employing specialist technicians and advisors who can evaluate your circumstances and needs, factor in your wants and variables, design some possible solutions and walk you through the process of selecting the solution that suits you best. Step 3 is the difference between success and profitability, versus the cool chill of regret.

We look forward to speaking with you. If you are based in Sydney, we can help you chart a course to your ideal solution.

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commercial air conditioning sydney
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